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Article: DIY All Natural "Spruce-Sol" Multipurpose Household Cleaner

DIY All Natural "Spruce-Sol" Multipurpose Household Cleaner

Hey, friend! Let's get right into it today with an all-natural household cleaner alternative that is better for you in just about every way! 

We've already gone over why you need to stop using conventional house hold cleaners in our previous blog, so today, we thought we'd give you another awesome and easy natural cleaner DIY! Not to mention, this DIY all-purpose cleaner is so much cheaper than just about any other natural cleaner you could buy. 

Below is Chelsea, our founder/herbalist/CEO/COO, showing us just how to make this and it's many uses!

DIY Recipe:

***I tried to use longleaf pine, but the needles were not fragrant enough, so I tried spruce for round two and it came out smelling so lovely! ⁣I think any kind of spruce will do.
1. Press leaves (you can just roll them around in your hands) to extract oils.⁣
2. Fill jar up with leaves.⁣
3. Cover leaves with white vinegar.⁣
4. Let sit for 2-3 weeks. ⁣
5. Strain liquid out and dilute as needed for whatever cleaning product you are needing! Remember, this recipe is more of a concentrate.

Main uses:

1. Multipurpose cleaner
2. Fabric Softener (works good in HE washers!)
3. Glass & window cleaner 
It smells great, and is way healthier than pine-sol and other chemically-filled cleaners. However, I would not recommend using this on granite. Stay tuned on the blog for our granite-friendly multi-purpose cleaner for a better option.
Below is a Pinterest video of our main gal, Chelsea, showing you how it's done!
Here to help,
Brier C. & Chelsea H. (Founder/Herbalist/CEO/COO)

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