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Article: Here's A Surprising List of Popular "Natural" Companies That Use Potentially Toxic Fragrance In Their Hair, Skin, & Body Care Products

Here's A Surprising List of Popular "Natural" Companies That Use Potentially Toxic Fragrance In Their Hair, Skin, & Body Care Products

Hello, all! 


If you're signed up to our emails we sent out every week, you know that we've been chatting a big about the marketing of beauty care products and certain ingredients on the back of your skin, hair, and body care products. We've honed in on these popular ingredients: fragrance, natural fragrance, and perfume. As we've been discovering, many companies market as "all-natural" or "natural" and include these three ingredients... meaning, their products aren't so natural at all because these ingredients can be composed of thousands of different toxic chemicals that simply are labeled as "fragrance", "natural fragrance" or "perfume". Companies aren't legally required to disclose the chemicals/toxins behind those words. 


As promised, we wanted to highlight some popular "natural" beauty brands that are common at small and large health food stores/markets. These brands may look more natural than conventional products, and even market themselves as "natural" on their labels, but often times there are hidden harmful ingredients such as the fragrance we've been discussing. Not only do ALL of these brands use fragrance, perfume, and natural fragrance in their products, they also use a myriad of other harmful chemicals that don't belong on your body. More on that another time!


Point is - make sure to always read the label and look further into the comapany's policies if using natural fragrance. Below is a good place to start with being aware of company's that use "natural fragrance."  


-Tom's of Maine 

-Shea Moisture

-Jason Naturals

-Meyer's Clean Day

-365 (Whole Foods Brand)

-Alba Botanica  

-Every Man Jack


-Nubian Heritage 

-Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

-Burt's Bees & Burt's Bees Baby 

-Hello Products & Deodorant

-Pacha Soap Co

-Hand in Hand

-Derma E


-Giovanni Cosmetics

-Not Your Mother's Naturals

-Yes To


I know... it's disappointing! However, SBA is here to provide you with 100 percent natural skincare. You don't EVER have to worry about fragrance, perfume, or harmful chemicals/toxins in any of our products. Only the best for you, formulated by an herbalist who knows her stuff. 


Also, check out to learn more about hidden toxins in beauty care products and to look up if your products may contain harmful ingredients! 


With Care,

Brier C. & Chelsea H. (Herbalist & Founder)

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