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Article: Treating & Preventing Hyperpigmentation

Treating & Preventing Hyperpigmentation


SBA Fam, 


Today, we’re going to be chatting about a very common skin concern: Hyperpigmentation. However, let’s not just learn about it, let’s learn how to treat and prevent it as well... specifically with mineral sunscreen.


What exactly is hyperpigmentation and why does it occur? In simple terms, hyperpigmentation is darkened areas of your skin that occur when melanin overproduction happens. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by multiple things, like acne scarring, injury to the skin, and most notably, UV ray exposure from the sun. Many times, dark spots on the skin tend to get darker as we age and even with hormonal changes. For me (Chelsea), my hyperpigmentation has become darker at certain times during my pregnancy.


It seems the skincare world has demonized the sun and almost instilled fear into us about exposing our skin to it! That is certainly not what I want to do. The sun, the giver of Vitamin D, is our friend! The benefits of adequate sun exposure are endless. So, don’t be afraid to get out there in the sun! Most of us need more sun exposure.


However, when it comes to skin concerns, overexposure to the sun may cause unwanted side effects for our skin or worsen dark spots on our skin. So, what is the best way to prevent and treat hyperpigmentation? There are a few ways, but the most common and attainable way is via mineral sunscreen.


First, we need to understand how mineral sunscreens work on the skin. Mineral sunscreens create a physical barrier that sits on top of the skin and reflects UV rays from it. On the other hand, chemical sunscreens absorb into the skin and then absorb the UV rays within the skin.


Multiple studies have shown mineral sunscreens to be more effective at preventing and fading hyperpigmentation than chemical sunscreens because mineral sunscreens don’t produce heat within the skin like chemical sunscreens do as they work to absorb UV rays. Remember, heat exacerbates hyperpigmentation.

The good news is, SBA offers an antioxidant-packed, mineral, non-nano zinc-based sunscreen that is completely natural and reef-safe. In our silky smooth sunscreen are herbs, plant butters, and oils that help aid sunburns as well. Our SPF truly is one of the most comprehensive products to date, working hard to protect and repair the skin in multiple ways.


On top of daily sunscreen use, I try and get quarterly skincare treatments like Clear and Brilliant and chemical peels to reduce dark spots on my skin. However, my freckles and dark spots are a welcomed and accepted part of my skin, and they’ll be with me forever due to genetics, and I’m okay with that. It’s all a part of the natural aging process and I think it can look quite unique and beautiful on ladies.


Watch how effortlessly our Daydream SPF applies to the skin. No white cast!

Also, click here to check out the product page for our Mineral SPF and watch more videos of it being applied in real-time. =) We also offer sample sizes so you can try it out before purchasing the full size!



Here for you,

Brier C. & Chelsea Henderson (Formulator & Founder)

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