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Article: What is "Nature's Nectar"?

What is "Nature's Nectar"?

Calendula Herbal Oil... or Marigold Oil. This powerful and centuries-old oil is endearingly referred to as "nature's nectar" because of its medicinal and skincare properties. Triterpenoids, flavonoids, carotenoids, fatty acids... This oil is a soothing, and moisturizing powerhouse for the skin.

You may be wondering why this oil in particular is special and coveted. One reason, is it contains high amounts of anti-inflammatory compounds that are reflected in the bright yellow/orange hue of this oil. This oil has a very long history, dating all the way back to Egyptian, Roman, and Native Indian populations thousands and hundreds of years ago.

Did you know that this oil was even commonly used to heal infections and skin wounds? As I researched more about this oil, I learned that during WW1, this oil was used on soldiers because it is an antiseptic and can help prevent infections. Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Because of its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, this oil is also great for those suffering from skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and dermatitis. It is a low-comedogenic oil and one that is typically good for sensitive skin types.



Pictured above is Chelsea, SBA herbalist and formulator, crafting fresh Calendula oil in house.

Where can you find this oil? Well, both our Purifying Serum and Repair Cream are packed with Calendula Oil! Both of these products are so luxurious, but lightweight and will not clog your pores. Chelsea, our trained herbalist and formulator, crafts this delicate oil by using cold-pressed processing and the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil to extract the most beneficial compounds possible from the Marigold flowers.

Also, to showcase how gentle this oil is, Calendula oil is one of the main herbs in natural baby products due to it being an exceptional oil for sensitive skin.

*P.S. Keep an eye out for our new mama and baby products coming soon... you already know they'll contain "nature's nectar"!

Before we go, here are a couple of recent reviews for our Repair Cream and Purifying Serum. Read more positive reviews on our website.

Purifying Serum:

"Applying this serum is my favorite part of my daily facial routine. It's lightweight, so my skin absorbs it quickly, and it has such a lovely scent too. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated, healthy, and glowing. Since using this serum along with rest of the Purifying Collection my skin has had fewer breakouts, less redness and dry patches, and is healthier overall" - Havala

"I’ve tried different serums throughout the years and they all made my face breakout. This was the first serum that hasn’t caused any breakouts. I love that all these products are clean." - Miranda

"There are very very few things I swear by and this is one of them. I work at a hospital so I wear a face mask for 12 hours of the day. My face is obviously not happy about that. But I have been using this serum for now 3 months and just got my second bottle because it truly is that good . My skin looks so clear and healthy and am so happy about this product!!!!" - Mikayla


Repair Cream:

"I am sixty one years old and for over forty years I have tried countless daily moisturizers. I was deceived in believing if the label promoted good things, then it must be healthy for my skin, but I could never find a moisturizer for my dry/sensitive skin that I was totally pleased with and that I would recommend to others. I have been using SBA repair cream for almost two years now. Not only is it organic and truly good for my skin, it actually works hydrating and improving my skin." - Mary

"I was dealing with majorly dry skin last winter due to the cold weather, until I found this cream!! It’s amazing because all you need is a tiny bit at a time and it works like a charm — no more dry, chapped skin" - Marissa

"Magical. I have EXTREMELY dry skin- especially on my face. Drinking a ton of water, eating super healthy & every moisturizer under the sun was not working for me. THIS WORKS. I use one pump every morning as part of my face routine & I no longer get flakes falling off my forehead/cheeks. My skin is so soft and nice now. Plus, it’s healthy! (I also sometimes put a few pumps on my growing baby bump)." - Judi

So, what are you waiting for? If you've never tried the Repair Cream or Purifying Serum, they may be worth trying, especially if you have a sensitive skin type or are working towards healing certain skin conditions.

Here for you,

Brier C. & Chelsea Henderson (Founder & Formulator)

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