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Article: So, You Don't Have a Green Thumb... That's Okay! Try These Low-Maintenance Houseplants + Tips

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So, You Don't Have a Green Thumb... That's Okay! Try These Low-Maintenance Houseplants + Tips

Hello, all!


Some people may seem like they have a natural "green thumb", and perhaps this is true sometimes, but I also think many "green thumbs" out there is a result of much trial and error and study... Like myself! Thankfully, my mother introduced me to the world of plants when I was very young, so I've always had some base knowledge. However, I too have experienced much trial and error when it comes to keeping my plants healthy, thriving, and alive! Some plants are just a little more difficult to work with.

An example of difficult-to-work-with plants is the beloved (and despised... depends on who you ask) Fiddle Leaf Fig plant that starts shriveling if you look at it wrong. Funny story about that. My sweet husband bought me a large Fiddle Leaf Fig plant for my birthday a few years back. It is one of my favorite house plants, and I wanted a large one to bring some life and color to my living space. Well, we went on vacation and my plant missed a water session or two and I ended up having to toss it in my compost bin because it ended up dying on me! Lesson learned. Perhaps you have your own Fiddle Leaf Fig horror story! So, I am much more careful when it comes to this kind of plant now.


However, not every house plant is so finicky and difficult. With just a little love and care, you can have many thriving plants all around your home. Below are my favorite low-maintenance plants that are easy to keep alive! However, some basic upkeep tips are helpful to follow. Let me share some with you below!
Listed below are bright-light to low-light house plants (yes, there is a difference between house plants and outdoor plants). Keep in mind the light exposure that your plant needs, because this is essential to keeping your plants healthy and alive. Just place the bright light plants in an area of the house that gets the most natural sunlight... but don't place plants directly in sun because you want to avoid giving your plant pals a sunburn.


Typically, I use a natural fertilizer like this ​banana peel fertilizer​ and do that about once a month, if that. My plants usually do fine without any fertilizer, however. Just try not to overdo it with the fertilizer unless it seems your plants need an extra monthly boost. Also, I'll add some coffee grounds or scraps from my compost pile as well for a natural fertilizer when needed.


I typically water my plants every three days (if that) during the summer, and slow that pace down during the summer since the colder air keeps the soil most longer. Some people, like myself, lightly water every few days, and others find their plants do better with a deep watering every week or two. Just pay attention to the plant care instructions on the tag to see if you need to keep your soil more wet or can let it dry between watering. Some plants need less water than others, or vice versa. Speaking of, many of these plants, like the rubber tree and pathos, can handle being forgotten about a bit more than others. You usually dont have to worry about these if you forget to water them occasionally!

-Cordyline or Aglaonema Silver Bay
-Philodendron Selloum
-Alocasia California (AKA Elephant Ear)
-Boston Fern
-Hendra Ivy
-Money Tree
-Bird of Paradise
-Epipremnum Aureus
-Fiscus Elastica (AKA Rubber Tree)

Start with these low-maintenance house plants and build up your confidence to start caring for more complex plants!

Here to help,

Brier C. & Chelsea Henderson (SBA Founder & Herbalist)

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