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Article: Everything You Need to Know About Oil Cleansing & Why You May Benefit from It

Oil Cleansing

Everything You Need to Know About Oil Cleansing & Why You May Benefit from It

Cleansing... The first step to a solid skincare routine. However, not all cleansers or cleansing methods are created equal.

The base ingredient in most facial cleansers are either water, aloe, or oil. How do you know which type of cleanser you need to use for your unique skin needs? Well, let's chat about it today! This is a big topic, but we're going to try and simplify it for you and give you the basic rundown of why oil cleansing is beneficial and works.

Oil cleansing can work for any skin type, but it's particularly good for oily skin types, aging skin types, and dry skin types. Yes, you heard that! Contrary to popular belief, oil cleansing (with the right low comedogenic oils) can actually help balance out oil production for oily skin types. It can help be a signal to the skin that it doesn't need to overproduce oil because you're cleansing it with oil instead of stripping away your oils with a harsh cleanser.

We are also a big proponent of using oil to cleanse if you have aging or dry skin. The top things these two skin types have in common are the potential for moisture loss, fine lines, and wrinkles. So, oil cleansing can help effectively cleanse the skin without drying it out which can contribute to more wrinkles.

Okay, so how does oil cleansing work? Won't it just add more oily to already oily skin? Well, not necessarily! Here's why.

To not get too science-y here, oil cleansing works because oil molecules are lipophilic, which means they attract other oil and fatty molecules to themselves. So, when you are rubbing in an all-natural and low comedogenic cleansing oil like our Moisturizing Body and Facial Cleansing Oil, it's softening and attracting other oils, sebum, and impurities trapped in pours and pulling them out of the skin.

A good way to visualize this is by picturing oil and water together. As we know, oil and water don't mix. So, when you're using a water-based cleanser, you may not be cleansing the dirt, dead skin, and other impurities trapped in the oils of your skin as deeply as you think you are because water and oil don't effectively mix. However, oil and oil do mix as explained above!

So, what kind of cleansing routine do we recommend here? Again, this can depend on skin type and even seasonal changes. However, here's a few suggestions.

Here at SBA, we offer two cleansing products. Our oil based Moisturizing Body Oil and Facial Cleansing Oil and our Aloe based Clarifying Cleanser.

Our Clarifying Cleanser is an excellent option for many skin types as it is formulated to deeply cleanse impurities from your skin without stripping the skins natural oils. It contains several low comedogenic, hydrating oils that help it to not be stripping to the skin. However, certain skin types may still need an additional cleansing method to make sure the skin is hydrated and effectively cleansed.

If you're finding that your skin feels tight and uncomfortable after cleansing with our Clarifying Cleanser, we would recommend incorporating oil cleansing into your skincare routine. Use a pump or two of our Moisturizing Body Oil and Facial Cleansing Oil on DRY skin before washing your face with Clarifying Cleanser. Deeply massage the oil into your face, then use the Clarifying Cleanser as your second cleanse. We have many happy SBA customers who benefit from this double-cleansing routine!

*P.S. Yes, you can oil cleanse with our Sweet Dreams Glow Balm as well! We have many customers who use this product as an oil cleanser.

Perhaps you're struggling to combat facial acne, we would recommend using the double cleanse method mentioned above as well. When you cleanse with oil first, you're effectively pulling out impurities from your pours without interfering with natural sebum production which can cause more acne. Then, using our non-stripping Clarifying Cleanser, you're washing away those impurities giving your skin a clean slate to absorb all of your natural skincare products.

Also, if you struggle with sensitive skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea, oil cleansing may be just what your skin needs. Our oil cleanser has natural anti-inflammatory properties which can help soothe your sensitive skin and not irritate it further. Oftentimes, sensitive skin and skin suffering from eczema and psoriasis need extra moisture, not less! So, cleansing with oil can help give your delicate skin that extra moisture it needs before cleansing with your regular cleanser.

I (Brier) struggle with very dry skin in the winter months, so I add oil cleansing to my cleansing regimen during the cold season in addition to using the Clarifying Cleanser. Sometimes, I solely oil cleanse depending on how dry my skin is. I also usually only cleanse my face at night. Over cleansing can be an issue for certain skin types too and can be drying and stripping which may contribute to excessive sebum production in certain skin types or drying and irritation for other skin types (like mine). Perhaps you feel your skin needs cleansing morning and night. You can try the clarifying cleanser in the morning, then try oil cleansing at night or vice versa. Try and find the best cleansing method that your skin responds well to. It may take some trial and error, but you'll get there!

Alright, that's it for now. We know this is an expansive topic, so if you have any questions, please reach out!

Here for you,

Brier C. & Chelsea Henderson (SBA Founder & Herbalist)

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