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Article: Why Your SBA Products May Be Harder to Apply During Winter

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Why Your SBA Products May Be Harder to Apply During Winter

It is no big surprise that Winter has arrived, which means dropping temps in many areas.

Cooler temps don't just effect the skin, but quite a few SBA products too. We do not use artificial solidifiers or gels in our products, so extra firmness when exposed to colder temperatures is normal. But don't worry - we have easy solutions for this!

Let's talk about a few...

For SBA deodorants, hold them under the arm longer before swiping. Body heat goes a long way to warm up natural products!

For the Sweet Dreams Glow Balm or Daydream SPF, take a little extra time to warm it up in between your fingers and massage it onto your face. Extra massaging is also great for lymphatic drainage and de-puffing!

The Eye Balm™️ will most likely be a bit harder to glide across your eye area or on your lash line. Warm it up first by applying it on your brows or another area that needs some extra TLC. Do not keep your SBA balms in your cold car! It will take much more than a few glides on the brows to warm up if left in freezing winter temps!

If the purifying serum arrives frozen, do not worry, as the therapeutic properties have not been negatively effected. To get it back to an oil consistency, run some warm water over the bottle or set it in some hot water for a few minutes. Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax, so if it gets cold, solidification is possible.

Okay, now go slather on your favorite SBA products! You might have noticed that your skin tends to be drier during the winter months. You may have to apply some extra layers of product as cold wind outdoors and dry heat indoors can quickly dehydrate the skin.

If you're not sure how to layer during wintertime, we recommend using one of our serums, then moisturize with the Blue Tansy Moisturizer (our thickest most hydrating product), and seal is all in with the Sweet Dreams Glow Balm.

Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!


With Care,


Chelsea Henderson (SBA Founder & Herbalist)

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