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Article: Why You Need To Be Using These Three Powerful Natural Oils In Your Skin Care Routine

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Why You Need To Be Using These Three Powerful Natural Oils In Your Skin Care Routine

Friend! Great to "see" you... hopefully again! 

Today, we wanted to highlight a few incredibly powerful ingredients in our pretty pinkish Sweet Dreams Glow Balm.


Who should use Sweet Dreams Glow Balm?


Well, anyone who to improve the appearance of firmness, tone, and elasticity! This balm is for you. Our Sweet Dreams Glow Balm is formulated with nourishing herbs and oils to enhance skin's natural glow while locking in the benefits of anything applied under it. It pairs nicely with any of our serums!

Even better, the oils and ingredients used in this balm are very low comedogenic, meaning they won't clog your pores and even acne-prone/oily skin types can benefit from this balm. Also, this contains potent ingredients that are wonderful for aging and mature skin. Um, yes!

So, let's look into some of the ingredients in this powerhouse balm. 


Amazing facts and benefits:


Borage Seed Oil: This oil contains 23% gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which helps to speed up cell regeneration - a great ingredient to help age gracefully and maintain natural moisture barrier! This oil really should be at the top of your list when it comes to an anti-aging skin care routine!

Prickly Pear Oil: It takes one ton of prickly pears to produce one liter of oil! Crazy, right? Thankfully, it is a sustainable crop! Each seed has a small amount of oil (4%), making it one of the most sought-after oils because of it's amazing benefits. We only use organic oils, which ensures no hidden nasties get into our products from pesticides and other chemicals used on non-organic farms.

Pomegranate Seed Oil: Where to start with this amazing oil!? Pomegranate seed oil is very rich in fatty acids which helps lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated. Not to mention, this oil is particularly light and highly absorbable which makes it suitable for all skin types. It's packed with more free radical-fighting antioxidants than many other oils, making this great for anti-aging. The list goes on!

Also, organic oils can be up to 5 times more potent than non-organic! Just another reason to always use organic ingredients on your face and body.


How to use the Glow Balm:


This nutrient-rich balm is mostly used to nourish and lock in moisture as the last step of a skincare routine. It can also be used in several different ways

This beautifully colored organic balm can be used during the daytime, but keep in mind that it is a thicker balm and not lightweight like our Repair Cream. If you have oily skin and want something more lightweight for daytime use, that will still offer amazing benefits, then check out our Repair CreamFor a daytime moisturizer with SPF, check out our Mineral Daydream SPF. 

Regardless of your skin type, our Sweet Dreams Glow Balm is a great addition to your skincare routine. We have an unscented and lavender-scented option too, for those with extra sensitive skin.

Here are just a few more ways to use this balm:

...other than to improve the appearance of firmness, tone, and elasticity while you sleep!

1. Cleansing balm on mornings when skin feels dry - great for season changes and/or dry climate areas.
2. On hands and cuticles before bedtime.
3. Hydrating lip booster.
4. Under eye area with our reusable eye masks.
5. As a baby balm for your babes dry skin areas.
6. Nursing balm for breastfeeding mommas.
7. Our founder, herbalist, and CEO, Chelsea, always keeps one on hand for her baby girl! It truly is a very versatile balm!


Watch this video to see how it applies on the face:




Here to help,

Brier C. & Chelsea H. (Founder & CEO)

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